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Tokyo to Kyoto-The Blind Bus Ride

Last night, I checked out of the hostel, and took the 1 hour metro ride, of which I had to change trains, to the expressway bus station in Tokyo.

After about a 40 minute away, the bus came for the approximately 9 hour ride to Kyoto. I, along with several others, got on the bus, which had nice seats that reclined almost all the way back, pillows, and blankets. There we're video screens with headphones. It was made for overnight travel.

What was most noteworthy is a heavy duty curtain lining the inside of the bus was closing off the windows (including separating the passengers from the driver's compartment), so once the bus started moving, it felt like I was in a long, black tube. i thought about getting off the bus-I sort of iike looking out the window, and it felt sort of claustrophobic. But I hung on and went on my phone-there was wifi on the bus-and it actually was quite fast.

IMG_5698.JPG bus.jpg

After 1/2 an hour or so in the tube the bus made another stop. The compartment curtain was raised between us and the driver, and I could see we we're still in a city. I asked someone getting on the bus where we we're-he said we we're in Tokyo-so we haven't left the city.

The curtain then went back up, and the bus went on the highway. I dozed on the off. MY camera bag was on the seat in front of me. After a while, the battery ran out on my phone-so there went the wifi. (my laptop was in my baggage under the bus). I did check out the video screen and tried a few movies. One was a French film with Japanese subtitles, another was a German film with Japanese subtitles. Finally, I found a British film called "Baby Brother"-it looked like it was about an orphaned teen watching his infant brother. I fell asleep and started it over again-and also feel asleep.

Twice, the long back tube stopped at rest stops, where I could stretch my legs. Upon getting off the bus, the driver people getting off tags with the license plate #, so I could return to the right bus (there we're many many busses at each stop).

I generally just fell asleep. it was actually quite comfortable, In the morning, the bus stopped in sunny Kyoto. (at 6:30 am). I got off the bus. I had no idea where I was. But I saw a railroad bridge. and hoped they led to the train station, which they did. Directions to the hostel we're from the train station-so that was a good start. While it was too early to go to the hostel. One Mcplace was open where I could have breakfast and recharge my phone and charge my computer-so I went there.

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