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Hiroshima-Trip to Miyajima, Dangerous Creatures all around

Yesterday, I went with a group of folks from the hostel to an island nearby called Miyajima, which is famous for a Tori, or shrine that is only reachable during low tide. I went with a bunch of others from the hostel, all significantly younger, of course. The trip consisted of taking the bus to the train and train to a ferry. The folks I went with was a Crocodile Dundee sounding like person from England who lived in France, and then moved to Australia a few years ago. He is 24, over 6 feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes, and of course-he speaks fluent French. So he went with two Quebecoir girls as well, and a guy closer to my age-32, who was from Italy and a tour guide in Florence.


As soon as we got to the island, we decided to climb a mountain to the top. Crocodile Dundee and the two girls decided to go ahead, because he was used to hiking. I hung back with Luca, and we walked, discussing life. It was a nice time. On the lower part of the mountain, friendly deer we're all around, and they let me pet them. Luca had bought some cookies. As we we're walking up, we ate the cookies. He also picked up garbage on the mountain. The hike was pretty rigorous, with lots of steps going up the mountain. After what seems like a few hours. We reached the top of the mountain, and the observation peak. There we're a lot of others there. Of course, Crocodile Dundee and the two girls we're up there taking a break, and said they had been there for about an hour. There we're also lots of crows. As I was taking a picture of a few crows, I heard my friend cursing loud in Italian-it turns out one of the crows flew away with the bag of cookies we we're still eating, and the garbage.


We walked down the mountain. It was tough walking down, but as we did we came to a few shrines along the way, including a very impressive temple at the bottom of the mountain, which was quite beautiful and worth seeing.


At the end of the day, we went to the bottom and had a beer. I encountered some more deer. I sat down and pet one deer. The deer licked my hand like a little dog-until a guy said I should pull my hand away, because of ticks. So I washed my hands carefully, and kept getting paranoid because of the deer.

We then saw a snake against a statue. I don't normally care about snakes, but there was a sign on the mountain that i think said the snakes are vipers, are poisonous, and if bitten, call emergency immediately. Actually, i didn't care. I was still worried about the deer. We also saw the famous tori, which you can walk to during low tide but is surrounded by water during high tide.


After that we had another beer, and then took the ferry back. I took a nap at the hostel, and went to bed.

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