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Hanoi Vietnam-Long Biên Bridge to the Fallen Kingdom

Yesterday, I left the hostel a little later to cross the Long Bien Bridge. I didn't know much about the bridge-just that it was historic (According to a map from the hostel). The bridge was opened in 1903, and is more then 1 mile in length. I learned that the bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel, and was heavily bombed by us during the war, although the bombing didn't do as my damage to the bridge as expected.

The bridge doesn't carry any cars-just motorbikes, standard bikes, pedestrians, and the railroad, which run in the middle of the bridge. The walk across the bridge was nice and peace. I witnessed slums on the other side,along with lots of tropical greenery and the muddy river, and on the bridge the scores and scores of motorbikes and bicycles running by. Some tourists we'e walking along the railroad tracks in the middle of the bridge, and had to move when the train came. The trains in Vietnam don't move very fast, and are diesel powered which are noisy, so if one is coming-there is generally plenty of time to get out of the way. Sellers in the middle of the bridge we're selling bananas and other tropical fruit.


I walked along-which seems like it took a few hours to make the mile walk.(Maybe it was just an hour).

When I finally reached the other end, I took a rest in park, and bought three tangerines. I then found high rise with a modern shopping mall, with a food court and a movie theater. I had lunch in the food court for about $5.00 of some noodle soup, which probably would be around $2-$3.00 elsewhere, and then I saw in the movie theater, Jurassic World-The Fallen Kingdom was playing. I usually don't like big-name big $ pictures, but I liked Jurassic Park and the original Jurassic World, so I plopped down the 50000 Vietnamese Dong to see the movie (roughly $2.50) to see the movie.

I had to wait a little bit to get into the theater, and then sat in my assigned seats (also seats are pre-assigned in Vietnam, and many other countries). I sat through the film, which was in English with Vietnamese subtitles , and thought it was horrible. Some rich mofos used Clair and Owen to bring the Mofos on land, by telling them they had a new island for them, after the original Jurrasic World land was about to be destroyed by volcano. Clair and the black guy we're trapped in a gyrosphere (same trick as in the first Jurassic World). This time Owen was able to breathe and see underwater and helped saved them. They helped save a little girl at the estate of the investor, and the girl pressed a button to let the dinosaurs on the outside world. Just a bad flick.

After them movie, I walked back across the bridge on the other side. This time I saw a path from the bridge, which I took through greenery. I walked back on to the bridge, and saw farms with pigs, and further along, pineapples being distributed amongst different sellers.



Once again, I took a nap at the hostel and then went out to dinner, at a couple (I had two dinners) of traditional places, with small plastic tables and stools for chairs.


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