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Vietnam-Nothing in Nimh Binh

Yesterday, I left the early for the bus to Nimh Binh, which is further down the coast of Vietnam.

At roughly 8:00, am, I got on the mini bus which stopped outside the hostel for the short bus. The bus stopped at about 20 different hotels and hostels within a few miles radius before we got going,

Once we got going, the bus was completely full, with 32 people riding. I was sitting in a relatively comfortable middle seat with a seat next to me, but moved to a second seat when the woman who was guiding people on to the bus asked me to move because a couple was getting on. I did, but someone in the front seat kept trying to recline, but couldn't. After the bus stopped a little later to pick someone else up, and I moved to a back seat to make her fell more comfortable. It was in the last row of the bus, with two seats on either side-on one side was a skinny girl and a big guy on the other side. It was so tight, I couldn't move back. So I was stuck leaning forward for the entire ride.

After an hour and 1/2 or so, the bus stopped at a rest area. Like other rest areas I was at, this one featured lots of disabled people laboring away at making art. I saw those in Halong Bay-it was only when I discovered as it was supposedly due to the US Government's agent orange as to why these people are disabled.

We got back on the van, and in about an hour-it dropped us off at Nimh Binh. As relieved as I was to get off the bus-it was sort of frustrating when the driver had trouble opening up the back compartment, where the luggage was kept. He tried for about 5 minutes, but it wouldn't open. Finally, another passenger helped him and it did open.


I found the Long Hotel across the street from the bus terminal. I picked it only because it was advertised as where the bus stops at and it was $5 per night for a dorm room. The reviews weren't great, but it wasn't bad.

I walked around to a temple across the street, and a canal surrounding it-I walked around for about an hour or two, but it was hot-really really hot. I think it was 100 with 90% humidity. Nobody except for a few back packers and cycle riders we're on the street. So I went back to the hotel and took a nap on a chair.

Later, I went out again for dinner. Once again, very few peopel we''re on the street-every restaurant owner was urging me to come in. I finally found one with a few folks eating at and had some soup, and a beer.

I Walked around in the silent downtown in the dark, and went back to the hostel.


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