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Hoi an Vietnam-Riding a Bike and finally meeting My Son

Yesterday, I had a trip planned to My Son (which is called Me Sun) which picked me up at the hostel at 7:30 am. My Son was developed by the Champa people in Vietnam from the late 4th until the 13th centuries, and a series of Hindu Temples, located here because of being on the mountain, and near the streams. We took the hour ride to My Son, in the van. The ride consisted of 2 50'ish Polish couples, a young New Zealand Couples, and some single folks from Australia and England.

I was sitting in one the first row of passenger seats on the van-and the guide started talking immediately. It was too early to listen to him, as I hate speakers in van/bus rides-but this was too early.

After about an hour, we took a ride up the mountain to My Sun. We got in a electric tram, which took us to the sites.

The first set of sites we're in ok shape. There was generally a temple, which could only be visited by monks, and a meditation house up front. We could see the various Hindu symbols. There was a large symbol for man and woman in front of each temple.

Other sites we're not in such good shape, and some we're just ruins, largely in part to the Vietnam war.

After a few hours looking the temples, it started to get really hot out, and we got back in the van to go to lunch. The lunch was supposedly at someone's house-but this house had retail coolers of beer and soda would could purchase. in any case, it was a big lunch, with rice patties we rolled up with banana pancakes and lettuce and dipped in sauce. There was some salad and dragonfruit for dessert. It was good.


Returned to the hostel around 1:30 pm, and not sure what to do. I wanted to go to the beach, and it seemed like a look way away-so I rented a bike-which was cheap enough for the afternoon (about a dollar). I got on the old bike (uneasily), and started riding through town. I remembered why I don't ride bikes more often-i don't enjoy it. the peddaling is unpleasant, I don't like it.

After town, the road came upon wide open fields, and a man lying on his buffalo was waiting at the beginning of the field. As per my instructions from the photo class the day before, I started to talk to him . He put me on the buffalo, and made me pay for it. All I wanted to do was take pictures of him. Some cute girl came over and started taking pictures of the buffalo to. He didn't put her on or make her pay, and her boyfriend was across the road.

I continued on the bike a ways longer-and came to a town with the beach. The beach was sunny and bright with bamboo huts. I rode around a while more. I enjoyed a fresh bottle of water. Then I decided to ride back to town, which took about an hour I guess. I stopped in the field again to take another pic of my friend with the buffalo (since i paid for it).


I returned the bike about 4:00 pm a hot, sweaty, dripping mess. I took a shower in the hostel (across the street from the bike rental), and took a long nap.

After a refreshing nap-I walked back into the crowds in town, and took some pictures. I had dinner of street food, and watched the lightning in the sky.


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