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USA-Back At Home

Yesterday, I came home. Tuesday evening, I flew 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh to Tapei, which was late-so I ran to the next flight-12 hours from Tapei to San Francisco, which in turn was late, so I went through customs as quick as I could to fly from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale. The final flight was 5 hours long. I broke the overhead bin trying to put my bag in. It wasn't a great flight-Jetblue's little tv's weren't working, so I slept and read, I arrived at 7:45 am.

All wasn't lost, though. Somehow, getting from the airport to home, I decided I would rent a car-that way if there we're any big issues at home and my car wouldn't start-at least I had a car that would run. Picking up the rental car, however, after over 20 hours of flying, I had to wait a few minutes at the rental car counter-and had to go through three different cars.

(1) The first car I was given was a Hyundai Accent. This was fine, but when I left the counter and went to the garage-I noticed there was no key in the car. I spoke to the woman working in a booth, and she told me the car wasn't available (as if it was my fault)-she gave me another car,

(2) This car, a Hyundai Elantra, seemed fine. I put my bags in the trunk, and started to drive-but noticed the low tire pressure light was on. I drove to the booth and told the lady. She wasn't friendly, but took the keys, and directed me to another car-towards the end of the lot. I told her I would drive the car up, and to open the trunk on the Elantra so I can take my bags out.

(3) I drove the new car, a Toyota Corolla, to the booth, except noticed the Elantra was gone-with my bags in it. I told her I needed my bags, and she panicked and called the garage who eventually drove the car back.

After nearly 20 hours of flying, and the car fiasco I finally made it home, I made it home to see the new cell phone (to replace my lost one)-had never been shipped. Additionally, my car-which the condo guy was supposed to start every week so the battery wouldn't die-battery had died. So I had no phone (except my home phone which doesn't work anymore) and I couldn't go anywhere in my car.

Eventually I was able to use my home phone to call AAA, and I got the phone company to hopefully deliver a phone the next day.

Then it was to face unpacking, picking up the cats, cleaning up the house, laundry, food shopping (still not done), and all sorts of stuff now that I'm home. It is just a dream-the people I met, the trails I walked, the citiies visited, the dorms and busses slept on. It was all a dream. Now I am home and it is real.


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