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Hong Kong-Like a Box of Chocolates

Yesterday I had my third walking tour with Matthew-the tour guide who's English is sort of hard to understand-but he makes it up with his enthusiasm. He uses words like "bye bye" if a building/person isn't around anymore. To have fun-he indicates moving his hips. And says words like "shopping" with much enthusiasm. And most important thing is to "be happy".

Yesterday's tour was on the island of Honk Kong, vs. Kowloon-where the hotel was.

I met Matthew for the tour of Hong Kong Island. I learned that the island is set along the original British system-and the streets we're designed by the British. I also saw that double decker streetcars ply the island, and to take the streetcar from one end to the other would take about 3 hours. Most of the big banks where big-earners work are on this side of the island-as are most of their homes-which are tiny apartments which are thousands of dollars per month to rent. Of the seven million people who live in Hong Kong-a million are millionaires.

We saw the great plazas of office buildings, where people like to have picnics on weekends (i guess because apartments/houses are so small on the British side). We also passed by the mid-level escalators-the longest running escalator system in the world-which goes partially up the mountain.

We had pieces of tangerine peel, which is supposed to be good for digestion I believe, and saw delicacies of Pig Ear (Matthew likes to show food on his tours). We went to an art center where artists are encouraged to start businesses by the government, and saw a Tao Church.


The tour was three hours in total, which is long-and I was tired at the end, so i did what I usually do when I am tired, I took a nap on a bench. After around 20 minutes (I think)-I wandered around aimlessly, like I like to do. Eventually, I found the escalator system. I took it up the hill-I past by bars where locals like to hang out and drink. I went past quaint streets. Eventually, I came to the end of the system. I walked up hills-following signs for the "peak tram" (which was at the mountain peak, I guess). I walked up the streets, which had the giant high rise developments. i saw BMW's, Lexus', and taxis pull into the various developments. I saw nannies walking kids around.

i then found a path through the park winding upwards. As I went to through the park-I came to a bathroom, and the toilet didn't flush-I knew we we're in rural territory now. I came across various ladies walking dogs. Most of the ladies we're Filipino, and worked here in Hong Kong. (just like in Dubai). The path wound round and up the hill.


After about 1/2 an hour of walking up that hill, it seems, I came to the top. I was expecting a small building, with a viewing platform-but what I found, and was totally surprised to see, was a full fledged shopping mall, complete with a Burger King, Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company (The Chinese people pronounce it Booba Goomp), a Fossil store, etc.

I did pay approximately $7 to see the viewing platform, and went to the top for a great view of the island. I also saw the light show-which was different buildings in the city lit up (pales in comparisons to Dubais).


after that, I decided to take the tram down the hill-which i did-and walked back to the train. I took the train to my neighborhood, and had dinner in some big building with many restaurants. (it was 10:30 at night, and most we're crowded). One hostess spoke little English, and couldn't comprehend the issue of one person dining by themselves. i did find a Korean place where I ended up eating-and then went back to the hostel.

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