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Welcome to Dubai

After 17 hours of travelling I finally arrived in Dubai.

- I flew a 9 hour American Airlines Flight from Miami to London. The flight was full. I was fortunate-I was in an aisle seat with just one big Jamaican man next to me who took up the armrest. (I was in the last row near the bathroom (there we're only 2 seats in this row vs 3 in every other row)-which fortunately didn't stink. I slept mostly-and watched parts of movies I have seen before-the first part of Snatch and on and off parts of Sideways. The food was fine and the service was fine (not exceptional-just American airlines).

- In London, I had a 3 hour layover, where connecting passengers had to go through security. This took an hour of the three hours. I just took a nap.

- The last leg was on Qantas flight from London to Dubai-I scant 7 hours. This flight was comfortable as there we're only 2 of us in the 3 person row, a middle age guy moving from London to New Zealand. The seats reclined pretty far back for economy. The food was good-they had an interesting Lamb roll a snack before landing. Too bad my Jamaican friend from the previous flight wasn't here because it looked and tasted like a Jamaican beef patty. On Qantas, the service was great, and as much as it pains me to say, the flight attendants we're young and attentive. One even took an interest in my accent-and she told me how she always wanted to live in the States. I had to dote on the age of flight attendants-as I think it's disgusting how people complain about flight attendants being too old and/or ugly on US carriers. But on Qantas they we're young-and it's been a long time since any woman ( particularly a young one) took any interest in me.


- Landed at 11:05 pm. After taking an elevator and then a train that felt like it took an hour through the Dubai airport-I went through passport control after a very slow line, and went right through. It amazes me that when I used to go to Canada, passport control always asked me what I was doing, where I was from, etc. Pretty much anywhere else I went through without question (including here-where the agents dress in the traditional Arab white garb, and I am here with my Jewish name and no return ticket).

- i was overcharged for the cab ride I am sure-it cost roughly $45 USD from the Airport to the At The Top Hostel, which is supposed to be the highest (altitude) hostel in the world-on the 66th floor of a building in Dubai. The blond girl at the desk with a Russian accent, who's country I couldn't guess, brought me to my room-with 8 people in there I think, and showed me my locker. I accidentally put my key in the wrong locker, and woke up some blond kid with a British accent, who's locker it was. Unfortunately, even though it was the wrong locker-my key opened it, and I was able to get in.


I finally went to sleep.

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