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Yesterday, I decided to see something different. I wanted to see some nature-so i took the ferry to Lantau island-which is actually the largest island in Hong Kong. Lantau island has a few different parts-one features the airport and Disneyland-which is obviously the busy section, and the other is really just nature. So I awoke early, took the train to the ferry terminal across the river, and took a nice 40 minute ride to a part of Lantau Island called Mui Wo. Mui Wo is a nice little village which i arrived at.

I now have the Lonely Planet guide with me, so the Planet Guide showed there was a hiking trail, which went to the a waterfall garden and an old salt cave. So as soon as I got off the ferry, and went behind the town and climbed a road that looked like it would lead to those things. I got pretty high-and reached a Municipal building, which I believe is a water plant-I asked directions. The first few people either didn't speak English or didn't understand what i was asking. But I quickly learned i went the wrong way-as per usual.

So I walked all the down the hill, and bought some water and lunch (raw ravioli and some olives) at the supermarket. I walked through the town, which has a pretty beach. The town also had little houses, small restaurants, and people riding bikes through town, sometimes pedaling with a little cart with the wife and child on the back. Eventually I did find the trail that supposedly led up to the cave and waterfall garden. It went up the hill, past the town, and past an old Buddhist Church, and finally reached the waterfall garden-which was about 90% dry-only about 10% of the garden was gushing water. That said, it was a nice place to lie down and take a break, and eat some of the olives which we're unbelievably salty (they looked good at the time).

Then I went up the hill (just a little up the hill) to the salt cave, Signs said that the cave had bats and an underground river, which was pretty cool, but I only went in about 3 feet, and found the cave was closed. So the Waterfall Garden had barely any water and the cave was closed.


I then walked back to town, I passed by cows grazing, and houses in the countryside.

i found out there was a hike to a Trappist Monastery, which can be reached by passing the town. That is what I did.

I passed by the beautiful beach, and followed the signs. i found that the Monastery was reached by climbing a lot of steps, and the more steps, and still more steps-then a clearing, yet more steps, and more steps, and more steps. I saw the view-i was climbing high up the mountain. Then a clearing, and A LOT of more steps upwards. I was getting sweaty and winded- as it was hot out. But a lot of Chinese people already made the climb, including older people and kids, and they didn't look tired at all. I came to a viewing point, and saw the Monastery far below. I walked down the hill, down, down, and down-and finally came to the Monastery. It was quite beautiful. I saw the garden and a chapel. I sat for a while in contemplation.

I found that if I kept walking, I could get to a place called Discovery Bay, where there we're restaurants and I could get back to the ferry. i found this out by a black haired professional guy who worked at HSBC bank, and lived there. Actually, he seemed to indicate there was nothing there.

I walked down, towards a beach, with the intent of reaching Discovery Bay anyway. The beach was peaceful, but there was a lot of garbage there.
I ended up walking on the wrong path after a while, and came to a little shack where people we're cooking, and the air smelled like animal poop. I was told I was headed the wrong way.


i found the correct path. I passed by more shacks. I l earned that a lot of these people we're squatters. There we're signs from the Hong Kong government that a lot of these houses we're about to be demolished. By this time it was getting dark. I passed more squatters houses and vegetable gardens, when I came to Discovery Bay, a large apartment development. I found a bus that went to the Metro, and got off at the station. i found an incredibly inexpensive take-out sushi joint (I got 3 large containers of sushi for $10.00) I guess this was a popular place, as lines we're around the block.


i then took the Metro back to the hostel. I was tired-many were out. Friends was turned on again.

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