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See ya Hong Kong


Yesterday I packed up and checked of a hostel for the final time in Hong Kong. This hostel was difficult to leave. It was by far the most comfortable hostel I have stayed in, with large, airy, modern rooms and bathrooms, and giant common areas. One had plenty of chairs and sofas, and had wrap-around windows on the 2nd floor. You could sit there all day. The hostel was more like a business hotel. Plus it was in a different neighborhood than the other hostels, so the temptation was to stay.

In less than 2 weeks in Hong Kong, I (1) Bought a new camera lens (2) got my computer fixed (3) Met a girl and changed my relationship status on Facebook(4) Bought new sandals and (6) Saw the biggest Buddha in the world. (There's more than that).

Hong Kong was quite amazing. It is truly a city of contrasts-There are frenetic Chinese markets, gleaming office towers, beaches, mountains, and plenty of 7-11's.


Anyway, I had a flight scheduled and a new hostel in Shanghai scheduled as well. Plus, I don't like to get too comfortable anywhere-so It was time to move on.

I made it to the airport on time for the 3 hour flight. I was nervous because the system wouldn't let me log in online, but when I got to the airport-no problem-I was there approximately 2 1/2 hours before the 1:00 pm flight.

The flight was on Spring Airlines-a low cost carrier-the seats didn't recline and the food and drinks all cost $-but it was fine. The crew's English was well-developing. The flight attendant wanted us to "Have a nice fright".

The flight landed at 4:20 pm-but had to deal with

(A) A long ride from the plane to the terminal in a shuttle bus, passed about 30 other planes (it seems), up a hill over a highway, past another 30 planes (it seems) and to the terminal.
(B) Long lines in passport-control, with about 60 people ahead of me (At least-in a snaking-slow moving line)
(C) A 15 minute walk to the Metro downtown
(D) Roughly 2 hour ride on the Metro to the airport. The first train was crowded and went passed 10 stations it seems. with my bags in front of me. I started to daydream, and at the next station it seems, everyone started rushing out and new people started rushing into the train. I was fine because that would mean I was going to get a seat-but no-that train was going back to the airport, and I had to cross the platform and get on another train. Another 15 stations, and I got on off and on another train upstairs, to one station.
(E) I found the hostel-a decent one with a rooftop bar. I arrived a bit after 7:00 pm, almost three hours later.

I had some dinner of some weird noodles and tofu, and than went back to read the Lonely Planet guide on China-it was akin to reading an encyclopedia-just overwhelming. Everything was 12-40 hours from anything else. And btw, no Facebook while I am here-I can't use Facebook in China.

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