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Seoul-War Museum and Tough Night

Yesterday, I awoke relatively early and went to the Korean War Museum. The museum had a few different parts, one with the weapons and heroes from the wars of from 2333 BC. This wasn't really interesting. Most of the museum was of course from the Korean War. I learned a lot of the Korean War. The North Korean communists nearly captured the entire Korean peninsula-which is when the UN intervened. The UN was founded in 1945, after World War II, and the UN declaring an act of war was one of the first acts. Someone, maybe President Truman or General Maccarthur, thought that if the North Koreans won that would be the beginning of world war III. I also learned that the UN members who thought almost captured the entire peninsula, when the Chinese communists started fighting hard. Of course there was a truce, but never an official end to the war. There were exhibits of airplanes used, a Cadillac given to the ruler of South Korea by the US, other stuff. It was a nice museum. While I was there, some kids interviewed me. I learned that in Korea, kids study until 1:00 am and awake at 6, so they can get into a good university. They asked me what I thought and I didn't know.

i got out around 2-3, and looked for a place for lunch. i couldn't find any-so got on a bus and took it to a neighborhood with restaurants, and found a buffet. I ate a lot. The metro to the hostel ran nearby, so after eating a lot I went back to the hostel and took a nap for a few hours.

After a few hours-it was dinner time, and I went out with some folks from the hostel for chicken-but there was no chicken, and I didn't want it. I had some octopus in the park with some of the guys (take out).

Then we went out around 11:00 am. Went to the same bars as the other night. I didn't play beer pong this time-I just watched. One bar checked my id and wouldn't let me in-There is a maximum age limit too which I exceeded by 15 years according to the bouncer-so I went elsewhere where some other folks we're. Made it back around 4:00 am after some dumplings.

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