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Jeju Buses Cuckoo David

During my time on Jeju Island, I took the busses often. This is unavoidable to see the sights, unless you have the money, time and inclination for a rental car, taxi, and/or private driver.

Less than a year ago, the bus schedule was re-arranged, and bus routes we're redone (from what I was told), so the bus system could be more efficient and less confusing. The only issue is that since a lot of folks don't speak English, I have been relying on Google to find correct information on the busses, and a lot of that information is obsolete. So I have spent time waiting for busses that didn't arrive, and we're never going to, and talked to a lot of well-intentioned folks sending me to the wrong place.

The busses themselves are like most city busses I have taken-pretty stinky.

(1) They stink literally-for the most part, there is a strange stench.
(2) Uncomfortable, sort of hard seats
(3) A TV screen appears behind the driver, which shows different things:
(A) Stops (including unusual ones, and there we're always lots of stops to get where I was going).

(B) An endless loop of videos (without sound), namely:
(1) An "I love Jeju" video, which went on for about 3 minutes-with 5 singers dancing around the splendor of the island

(2) A public service announcement, I guess, about teaching kids to read, and showing the elderly woman drivers tutoring little girls. (again, I'm not sure, the language is Korean and there is no sound.

(3) An animation short instructing kids to stay off the road, in case the bus in coming

(4) Probably the most annoying-another video of a well-dressed man who is so excited to take the bus he is dancing and showing his excitment for the bus

Over and over again, for the week I was here-while making sure I didn't miss my stop.

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