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April 2018

Final Chengdu-Panda Love: It's Driving Me Mad and the Opera

One of the nice things of travelling like I am, without any specific plan, is that I can re-visit places I want to go to a 2nd time-which is why I set off originally to travel without any plan. So yesterday, I left the hostel early, around 7:30, to re-visit the Panda Research Center here in Chengdu.

While the first time I took a bus from the hostel, I used public transportation yesterday. I took the metro for the stop near the hostel to "Panda Avenue", where there is a small building, where I could buy a ticket to the park and catch a shuttle for the roughly 2 miles to the park-and that is what I did.

I arrived around 8:15 or so, and it was drizzling, which was a good thing so the park wasn't very crowded. Unlike Saturday, I was able to view a lot of the pandas without a giant crowd around-I could walk right up to the fence. As the morning went on, the park got more and more crowded. What I enjoyed, and the reason I returned, was viewing the movies on pandas, and going to the nearby museum.

I learned

- Pandas that have twins in the wild often kill or abandon one of the babies, and they quickly die-which in captivity both babies are taken care of (one is taken care of by humans)
- Pandas don't mate easily in captivity. When male and female pandas are brought together they often don;'t know what to do and fight. And the male panda requires a lot of strength for mating-so his small penis can enter the female. So the pandas in captivity are teased by the trainers, with food on a stick, (much like cats are teased by owners with a fake mouse on a stick)-so their hind legs are strengthened so they can mate.
- Pandas are sedentary, and often don't feel like mating, and aren't aroused, so there was actually thought to giving Viagra to pandas in the past.
- With all that-most baby pandas in captivitty are born via artificial insemination.

I also saw all the panda gear for sale, woman with panda headbands, and all the baby pandas sold:


Not everything I learned has to do with panda sex. I also learned that pandas we're poached from China back in the 1930's, and Chinese leaders used to give pandas as gifts-that's when they became endangered. China then began loaning the pandas to zoos for $1,000,000, and any pandas babies born we're returned to Chinese citizens.

I left the research center close to 1:00, and then I went to the train station to pick up my rail ticket for the next day to Chonquing. Picking up a previously bought rail ticket is legit pandemonium-you have to wait in long lines with people buying tickets for the first time, going through schedules-that it is utterly maddening.

After that hour spent, I walked around the area near the hostel, with a large high-end shopping mall, and a Buddhist temple nearby. Then I went to the opera with the hostel-the Sicuan opera-where there is a lot of mask changing, fire breathing, and more strange dancing and acrobatics. This was sort of weird, and interesting but not real exciting. I then walked around, found a place for dinner where I was given noodles, unlimited rice and tea for around $1.50.IMG_0640.JPGIMG_0636.JPGIMG_0644.JPG

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A Soft day in China

Yesterday, I stayed sort of loIMG_0302.jpgIMG_0305.jpgIMG_0314.jpgcal. I was tired-but got up early and had a beverage that is available all over China to wake me up-yes, Starbucks. I don't go to Starbucks regularly back home-as their coffee is too expensive to make a habit out of it, but once in a while Starbucks is delicious. And they are all over China.

After Starbucks, i started the day by going to the Chengdu Museum. While there was a long line to get in, the museum itself was pretty interesting and it was free. There we're all sorts of artifacts from the different dynasties, and more importantly, I learned that the Qing Dynasty ended in 1911, and that was the final Dynasty, when China became the Republic of China. I saw a lot of pottery and sculptures. I am not sure why it was interesting-but somehow I thought it was. I am sort of OCD when it comes to facts-and I wanted to get the history straightened out. I also learned that Chengdu, and the Sichuan province which it is located, started a rebellion against the nation, as the local railroad was owned by the people, and the government sold it to foreign lenders, which led to rebellion.

After a few hours at the museum, I took a long walk to some camera shops (I found them because of the map given to me from the hostel), and bought a new filter for my camera.

Then I took another long walk in a different direction, and went to a large Bamboo park, with beautiful buildings and structures. There was bamboo growing all around, bamboo chairs, and people playing. It was actually two adjoining parks, and I spent a bunch of time relaxing. I then went back to the hostel.

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Stop! It's Pandatime

Yesterday, I got up early and went on a trip through the hostel to do that typical China thing-see the pandas. The 1/2 hour excursion took 7 of us from the hostel, and 3 from another hostel, to the Chengdu Panda Research Base, where pandas are bread and researched. The place is like Jurassic World for pandas. First we saw black swans, which are indigenous to China, and noted for their beauty

Happy visitors (mainly domestic visitors) wear panda hats and pins. There was a panda cafe, and a panda shuttle to take folks back and forth through the park. We saw the huge black and white pandas, from smaller ones (who are still large) to big ones. We also saw cute read pandas, which are endangered. The park was mobbed, mostly with Chinese tourists, once again, but the pandas we're cute and funny.
That was the morning tour-after that, we all got back in the bus, and went to the Big Buddha in Leshan, the tallest stone Buddha in the world. This entailed a two hour bus ride through traffic (which I slept). First of all, the tour driver brought us for lunch at a restaurant, (of course we had to pay). We had good Chinese food while he stood over us. (He did have to interpret, since the menu was in Chinese)

Then, we got on a boat, rode about 10 minutes to the other side of the river.and saw the big Buddha, cut in the rock. We had the option of hiking down the side of the Buddha, but decided to take the boat-which was fine. The Buddha was impressive.


At the end of the day, it was another 2 1/2 hour ride through traffic back to the city. I was tired but looked in the various shops.

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Lazy Changdu

Yesterday I left relatively early to do some other sightseeing in Changdu, using a map from the hostel. One of the first places listed was a giant panda, whose butt is shown staring down into the street, and whose face is shown climbing into a tall building. So being that this was close to the hostel, I walked a few blocks away and saw the panda and posed with the panda.

Next, I walked about 15 blocks over to the Wenshu Buddhist monastery, another place on the map. I had a big buffet lunch at the vegetarian restaurant on campus. although the monastery was beautiful, i have seen a lot of them over the next few weeks. But it was beautiful, although i am still confused by which Buddhas are displayed. I planned on staying for an hour and then taking the metro back to the hostel, and resting the rest of the day, but I stayed for a few hours. It was very relaxing sitting there and watching the world go by. I went to the nunnery next door, and saw the nuns run to service when the bell started the ringing. The nuns look very much like the monks-their heads are shaved, and they wear what looks like something very similar.

I went back to the hostel-I wanted an ice cream, I saw a man and women fight outside Mcdonalds-an old man and a younger women. They we're literally fighting. Perhaps the woman was a prostitute-she had a short skirt on and a leopard top on. Had to do something with her motorcycle I think. buddha4.jpg

and made it back around 5:00 pm. It appears the VPN I purchased stopped working, but the hostel has it's own VPN so that it what I am using. Later on we had a hotpot at the hostel, where we dropped mushrooms, potatoes, lettuce, and other types of vegetables down to eat. it was very good.

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Either the busy season, or not the busy season in Changdu

Yesterday, I woke up early as per usual to look at other tours for later on in the trip. When tour was a cruise through the Yangzi river, which is advertised as a tour that hostel provides. When I asked about it, the hostel clerk (there are three people who look very similar-all with short hair and glasses) called another number. And told me to wait 1/2 an hour. He said that English speaking tours don't start until May, but a Chinese-speaking tour starts next week, at a fraction of the price. I asked him about that. He called the number again. First he said it was 4 days. Than he said it was three days. First he said the meals we're included. Than he said the meals weren't included. First he said it was a private room-than he said it was a dorm room. He said that the river cruises we're hard to get because it was the busy season. I also asked about other tours, including a walking tour that was listed-not enough people signed up. A food tour-not enough people signed up. This was because it was the slow season for the hostel. So I am blocked out because it is both the busy and slow season. Tomorrow, i am going to the panda sanctuary, which will be nice. (I was supposed to go today, but once again, not enough people). In the meanwhile, I purchased a Virtual Private Network-so i go back to Facebook and at least back up my photos. It was nice without social media for a while, but it is nice with it, plus I can back stuff up.

So after the hostel guy made multiple calls and had me wait-it wasn't until nearly 11:00 am that I finally was able to leave the hostel. The weather here is hot, which is nice, because I can wear shorts and have the laundry wash my pants. I took a walk using the map given to me. I walked about 5 blocks west to a giant statue of Mao, which was position with flowers, and was quite nice. Then I walked a few blocks more to The People's Park. This was a huge park, with 2 large tea rooms, and plenty of gardens. I walked through the park. What was most stunning was all of the activities going on. Folks we're playing board games. More than this, a lot of people we're performing. Some we're dancing (as couples) to recorded music. Others had elaborate dance routines and we're performing.90_IMG_3154.jpgIMG_3174.jpgIMG_3178.jpgIMG_3183.jpg

One routine that had me spell bound was a bunch of singers and dancers performing for a crowd. One looked like a Chinese Don Adams. They performed all sorts of songs and dances, and sounded pretty good. If you liked these people, you took a particular song/dance performed, you took a fake flower , and put it into a bucket on stage, in which the announcer would thank you-or say "Chea Chea" thanks in Chinese.

I actually positioned myself on the floor, in front of all these Chinese elderly ladies in chairs, and they actually cheered for me for some reason.
it was entertaining, and I stayed there for 1/2 an hour or so-until another Chinese lady got annoyed at me for some reason. I walked out, and took a long walk to a shopping mall on the map given from the hostel. I found a huge bookstore, with some books in English, so I looked at them.IMG_3212.jpg

Then I walked to the riverfront, and by the time I made it back to the hostel it was around 11:00 pm.

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