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USA-Back At Home 18.07.2018
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam-Rockin the Last Day 16.07.2018
Vietnam-Slow Mekong Delta and Fast French Football 15.07.2018
Ho Chi Minh City-Kicking Myself 14.07.2018
Ho Chi Minh City-Tunnel Vision with not a good tour guide 13.07.2018
Ho Chi Minh City-The Gruesome and the Retro 13.07.2018
Vietnam-Goodbye Dalat and Hello Uncle Ho 11.07.2018
Vietnam-Daily Dalat and the Crazy House 10.07.2018
Vietnam-Morning Dalat 09.07.2018
Hoi an Vietnam-Riding a Bike and finally meeting My Son 08.07.2018
Hoi An-Meeting Randy the Cali Copier and the Photo Tour 07.07.2018
Vietnam-An Oid in Hoi An 06.07.2018
Hue Vietnam-Lazy Day 05.07.2018
DMZ Vietnam-Happy 4th From the DMZ 04.07.2018
Vietnam-Hot ol' Hue 04.07.2018
Vietnam-Bus Way to Hell/Hue 02.07.2018
Vietnam-Ninh Binh for a Day 02.07.2018
Vietnam-Nothing in Nimh Binh 01.07.2018
Hanoi-Last Day 30.06.2018
Sapa Vietnam-Tuff Muddin and Tuff Sunnin in the Bush 29.06.2018
Hanoi-Rainy Day and meeting my Vietnamese Namesake 27.06.2018
Hanoi Vietnam-Long Biên Bridge to the Fallen Kingdom 26.06.2018
Hanoi Vietnam-Walking Long and Going High 25.06.2018
Hanoi-Vietnam-The Hanoi Hilton & Water Puppets 24.06.2018
Halong Bay Vietnam-Party Cruise Day #2 23.06.2018
Halong Bay, Vietnam-Party Cruise 23.06.2018
Hanoi-Vietnam-All Hale Ho Chi Manh 21.06.2018
Hanoi Vietnam-Holy Hotness Hanoi 20.06.2018
Japan to Vietnam- I Don't Think I'm Turning Japanese 19.06.2018
Osaka-An Earthquake to Shake Things Up 18.06.2018
Osaka-Pissing People Off, Lost Tickets and Broken Sandals 17.06.2018
Hiroshima to Osaka: Meeting Mr. Shinkansen hungover 16.06.2018
Hiroshima-Hiroshima to Iwakuni/I met Whitesnake 15.06.2018
Hiroshima-Trip to Miyajima, Dangerous Creatures all around 14.06.2018
Hiroshima-Zoom Zoom in the morning, Action in the evening 13.06.2018
Going to Hiroshima with Mr Shinkenson 12.06.2018
Last Day Kyoto-Pavilion N Railroad 11.06.2018
Kyoto: Lots of Monkeys and Getting Naked 10.06.2018
Kyoto, Japan-Seven Tawainese Girls and Hundreds of Deer 09.06.2018
Kyoto-Walking with folks and hot chocolate with pups 08.06.2018
Kyoto-An Orange Walking Day 07.06.2018
Kyoto-Templin in the Rain 06.06.2018
Kyoto, Japan-Sleep, Enlightenment and Cleavage 05.06.2018
Tokyo to Kyoto-The Blind Bus Ride 04.06.2018
Final Day Tokyo with Lady Liberty 04.06.2018
Tokyo-The Imperial Palaceless Palace 03.06.2018
Tokyo-No Memories of a Giesha 02.06.2018
Tokyo-Mount Fuji and The Phone 01.06.2018
Tokyo-A Dog's Life with Scarlett Johansson 31.05.2018
Tokyo-Lost, and Lost in Translation 30.05.2018
Tokyo-Boring Museum but Good Food 29.05.2018
Tokyo-Curiosity Must Have Killed The Cat 28.05.2018
2nd day in Tokyo, expensive lunch, lottery winners and sex 27.05.2018
Tokyo-Nerd and Freak Town 26.05.2018
Busan to Tokyo-at the Cruise Ship Hostel 25.05.2018
Final Busan 24.05.2018
Busan, South Korea-From Africa to Peru and Greece 23.05.2018
Busan, South Korea-from the Worlds Largest Store to Africa 22.05.2018
Leaving Jeju: From paradise to fireworks 22.05.2018
Jeju Buses Cuckoo David 20.05.2018
Volcano part 2 20.05.2018
Jeju Island S Korea-Forget you Bus 720 19.05.2018
Jeju Island, S Korea-Don't go Chasin Waterfalls (for lunch) 18.05.2018
Jeju South Korea-A beautiful place I can't see 17.05.2018
Jeju Isl-84 year old woman divers and praying to a d__k 16.05.2018
South Korea-Jejuing on the hop-on hop-off 15.05.2018
South Korea-From the Lazy Fox to the Jeju 14.05.2018
Seoul-South Korea-Who The F__K is Buddha? 13.05.2018
Seoul South Korea-Found Indonesian Music and Lost Umbrellas 12.05.2018
Seoul-War Museum and Tough Night 11.05.2018
Gangnam Style Exhausted 10.05.2018
Seoul South Korea-Museums to Beer Pong 09.05.2018
South Korea-Run Run DMZ 08.05.2018
Seoulday #1-South Korea 07.05.2018
China to South Korea-what my birthday is really about 06.05.2018
China a Many Cultured Place 05.05.2018
China: Always Stuck in Second Gear 04.05.2018
China-allowed in the Forbidden City 03.05.2018
China: A Big Beautiful Wall 02.05.2018
Bejing King 01.05.2018
The only non-Chinese person on a cruise 30.04.2018
Tour to the Mall and Planet China 27.04.2018
Museum, Graffiti, and riding with the Chinese Sandra Bullock 26.04.2018
Need of a Electrical Plug in the Tech Capital of the World 25.04.2018
Chongqing Bling 24.04.2018
Final Chengdu-Panda Love: It's Driving Me Mad and the Opera 23.04.2018
A Soft day in China 22.04.2018
Stop! It's Pandatime 21.04.2018
Lazy Changdu 20.04.2018
Either the busy season, or not the busy season in Changdu 19.04.2018
Train to Changu No Tibettin 18.04.2018
Last day in Xian 17.04.2018
The Hard Sell at the Buddhist Temple 16.04.2018
Pu__y in my hostel room and Born to Terracotta 15.04.2018
Xianing the Wall 14.04.2018
Taking the Fast Train to Xi'an-Low Prices and Living Better 13.04.2018
Shanghaing Around with Magic Squrrels and a Male Masseuse 12.04.2018
Not at Every Railway Station 11.04.2018
Shanghai on the Other Side 10.04.2018
Shanghai-Insulting or shafted and dealing with history 09.04.2018
See ya Hong Kong 08.04.2018
Last Day in Hong Kong-Gettting Married and a Poor Beach Day 07.04.2018
Macao in the VIP room 06.04.2018
Spoiled by Filipinos in Hong Kong 05.04.2018
Hong Kong if it Rains We'll Get Wet 04.04.2018
Chinese Visa Obsession 03.04.2018
Off to See The Buddha 02.04.2018
Holiday in Hong Kong 01.04.2018
Back to Nature in Hong Kong- 31.03.2018
Another Day in Hong Kong-Stuck in 2nd Gear 30.03.2018
Hong Kong-Like a Box of Chocolates 29.03.2018
Hong Kong Day #2 28.03.2018
Hong Kong-Consistent Stranger in Strange Land 27.03.2018
It's been real Egypt 26.03.2018
Final day in Egypt-Walking like an .......... 25.03.2018
Buses and trains all over the country 24.03.2018
Off the boat Aswan 23.03.2018
Cruise Time 23.03.2018
Day in Luxor 20.03.2018
Cairo to Luxor 19.03.2018
Cairo-not for beginners 18.03.2018
Cairo Museum Day 17.03.2018
Discouraged from Walking Like An Egyptian at the Pyramids 17.03.2018
There's something About Oman 15.03.2018
Expensive Day in Oman 14.03.2018
OMG in OMAN-Looking up 13.03.2018
OMG in OMAN 12.03.2018
See ya UAE 12.03.2018
Full day in Abu Dhabi-and the Non-strip Strippers 11.03.2018
on to Abu Dhabi-Mosque and Ladies of the night 10.03.2018
At The Top Hostel-Ballin on a Budget 09.03.2018
Last Dubai 09.03.2018
Trip to Al Ain 08.03.2018
Another Dubai 07.03.2018
Safari finally 06.03.2018
Dubai--Lost in Transit 05.03.2018
The Mosque, Atlantis 04.03.2018
Dubai-from the Ethiad to the Great Stunt Show 03.03.2018
Holi and The World's Tallest Building 02.03.2018
Full Day in Dubai #1 01.03.2018
Welcome to Dubai 28.02.2018
Day #1-Getting there 27.02.2018
Heading Out Again 27.02.2018